cute stuff aria says

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(While gluing and cutting during an art project)  

Aria: Mommy, do you think this could be great?


(Aria and I were playing house.  I was the baby and she was the mommy.)

Aria: I promise I love you baby!


Aria: Let's read some books for my brain


Me: Do you want raspberries, blueberries or watermelon with lunch?

Aria: maybe strawberries


Aria: Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I'm thinking that my tummy is hungry!


(Baba asked Aria if she loved baba)

 Aria: Yes, but I love momma best!


Aria: Yeah, I'm pretty good at dancing.


(After a time out)

Aria: But mommy I'm a girl, only boys get a time out!


Me: Wow, is that the car you built?

Aria: No, it's the prettiest house you've ever seen!


(She had fallen asleep in the car and woke up while I carried her inside and had clearly been dreaming because she groggily said this)

Aria: I'm flapping my wings mommy.


(Aria was all tucked into bed and I thought she was asleep until she called out to me)

Aria: mommy, I have a dea (an idea) if you cut my feet off I can have a tail.

I asked again because I didn't think I understood her correctly, then she repeated,

Aria: if you cut off my feet I can have a mermaid tail!


(We were playing house and Aria went to ring the doorbell)

Aria: ding bell 


Aria: Dad, I don't want coffee because I have a cough


Aria: Mom, it's past my bedtime. It's WAY past my bedtime.


(while looking out the window during our flight to Colorado to visit Nana and Papa)

Aria: Mommy where is the Colorado door? 


(At the airport)

Aria: It's a suitcase party! 


Aria: Want me to read you this book? First I need to find where to start. I always start with once upon a time.


This girl cracks me up.  She cracks herself up too!

I just can't get enough of her.  I love her so much!!!