crafting is good for my soul

Olivia StewartComment

Some mornings I wake up with the need to create.  In order to restore peace to my body and soul I have to make something.  Today was one of those days; probably because I have been walking by my craft room for weeks wishing I had the time or inspiration to sew. 

image found via  decor8blog

image found via decor8blog

I try to have a bunch of project ideas stored away on Pinterest so I don't have to waste very much time deciding what to make and can get right to work creating.  I pinned this picture years ago because I love handmade toys and hoped to make my own version for Aria sometime. The bunnies were made by Savannah May of Sleepy King.  Similar bunnies and other sweet plush animals are available in her etsy store.

My favorite part of beginning a new sewing project is getting to pull out my fabrics and supplies and playing with all the possible combinations.

I am definitely a sentimental person and when it comes to sewing I love using materials that have special meaning to me.   I pulled out my Grandma's sewing box and used her pinking shears and thread. The bunny faces are sewn using embroidery floss left over from my childhood collection that was used to make many friendship bracelets.  The polka dot fabric was picked up during a road trip with some lovely girlfriends in March.  I love the floral fabric not only because of its adorable vintage charm but also because it was given to me by my friend Gina before she moved to California. I have been waiting for just the right project to use it!  

I turned the bunnies around so I could show you their cute little pom pom tails.  It felt like I was putting them in time out!

I know this picture is blurry but it was so sweet watching Aria hug her new friends!  She said, "mmm, I love them!"

The bunnies are best friends and are named Petunia and Princess, although Petunia sounds like "Tuna".  If you want to come play Aria will share Princess or we can whip up another one just for you!

This project was good for my soul not only because I was making something for my sweet girl but it made me feel connected to women who love and support me and have played a part in bringing creativity into my life.