visiting baba

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An invitation to pick blueberries brought Aria and I to Grandma's House aka Baba's House.  Aria was very excited to see Baba, woof woof and meow meow.


Time was spent playing with toys that my little hands spent many hours playing with as a child


watching the action on Main Street


picking flowers from the garden


and walking Maxine.



Saturday's activities included blueberry picking, walking downtown for ice cream


and trying to ride the cat :)


On Sunday I took a little cat nap while Baba took Aria to explore the river.


Before we left for home Aria insisted she take me to see where, "I throw my stick, Mama!"

I am so thankful for this weekend with Baba and Grandpa Brian.  One day when Aria is grown we will reminisce on the magical times spent at Grandma's and maybe in the very distant future she will have little ones playing with her Baba's toys.

celebrating Aria

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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Aria who turned 2 in May. Two months later her mom finally got around to blogging about it. In her defense she started the post much sooner but couldn't get all the pictures to be centered. Frustrated she saved the draft and decided to try again later. Two months passed and I, I mean she, still couldn't fix the pictures but decided it didn't really matter.  She published the post as-is so she could get back to living happily ever after.  The end.

On May 20th my sweet Aria turned two.  I can barely believe how quickly time flies.  To celebrate we invited a small group of friends and family over to play.


Both of my sisters and their kids were able to come.  It was nice to have a little cousin time before all of the other guests arrived.


Of course Baba was a huge hit with her grandkids!


Joel and I got Aria this play kitchen for her birthday.  I felt like we reached a major milestone as parents when we stayed up late putting it together.  I think it took Joel 4 hours!  I absolutely adore it and so does Aria.  Thanks again love!

It was so sweet getting to see Aria and her friends playing with the kitchen during the party.


The kids were able to decorate their own sugar cookies

and play grocery store downstairs.

I loved watching them all shop and then wait in line at the register. It was obvious that they have had practice waiting patiently in line at the grocery store with their parents before.


Then they would go and put all of the food back and start over again.


Aria you make everyday an adventure.  It is such a blessing to be the one who gets to help you learn and grow.  You are the sweetest presence in my life. You bring joy to so many people.  I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you.  I am so glad you were born.  Happy Birthday little one!

life lately

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Life has been a bit crazy lately.  Some of the craziness is hard and some of it is fun; all of it together makes this beautiful mess that we call life.  I am always very open about the crazy in my life as it is therapeutic for me to talk about and hopefully it is helpful for others as well.  This craziness is not my story to share so forgive me for being vague.  Just know that I am hopeful things will improve and as always I am grateful for my loving friends and family and a God that is with me through all of life's ups and downs.

Here are a few snapshots of the beauty that fills my days and blesses my heart.


Flowers blooming in my gardens that I can cut and share with friends.


Making jam for the first time.


Sneaking away for dates with Joel.


 Teaching Chaso how to sew in four hours with this mini quilt project.


Playing with Auntie Shawn while she is home for the summer.


Jamba Juice and throwing rocks at the beach.


Being playful with the sweetest girl I know.

Even in the midst of trials life is still so good.