Be Crafty love

Olivia StewartComment

Based on my most recent blogposts it probably seems like all I do is go to Be Crafty Workshops (trust me I would if I could).  These workshops are too fun not to share on here both because I want to remember them and to encourage other like minded friends to come with me next time!  Mark your calendars ladies, May 2nd is the next workshop.  Registration isn't open yet but you can find more information here.

I mean seriously, look at this dreamy buffet!  When you combine the powers of Melissa, Lesley, Jessica and Amanda the results are beyond gorgeous!    

Who wouldn't want to spend a kid-free afternoon being creative with a room full of girls and pretty crafting supplies?!

Lesley Zellers came to share some of her chalk writing expertise with us.  She is uber talented!

Even after teaching for two years in a classroom with only a chalkboard I still struggle writing with chalk.  Lesley shared great ideas and tips.  I managed to find enough courage to actually write on my newly crafted chalk banner.  I knew if I didn't do it there I wouldn't be brave enough to do it later!  Yes, I know chalk is erasable but it is/was daunting to me.  Now I am excited to keep practicing!

Love these girls!  Thanks again, and hopefully I will see you on May 2nd!!!