Be Crafty

Olivia StewartComment

Last spring I heard about a crafting event called "Be Crafty Workshop" and was thrilled to find out it was local.  Since then I have been able to attend three workshops and hope to attend all future events!  It is hosted by Amanda Rydell and Jessica Kesterson at their shared studio space in Minneapolis.  

The event is styled adorably from the welcome sign down to the very last detail.

Basically I feel like I woke up in a dreamy crafting happy land that I never want to leave!  It is exactly how I'd like to spend every Saturday afternoon!  What do you think girls? Every Saturday?  Ok, great!

Every event is sponsored by more crafty folks that share their adorable creations with us!

This was a gift wrapping workshop.  My gifts got a whole lot cuter this year!

We painted bags, boxes, wrapping paper, made gift tags, pom moms and sprayed wire brush Christmas trees.


I can't believe I am this far into this post and I haven't mentioned the food.  Melissa made all the treats.  I can't even begin to describe how good it was.  Let's just say those white chocolate peppermint ganache cookies were the best cookies I've ever had...and I've tasted a few!   It was ridiculously good.

Here are just a few of the ladies crafting away.  

All of the ideas made me even more excited to give gifts this year!

I've made some lovely new friends through the workshops.  Every event leaves me feeling completely spoiled and inspired!  If you know what's good for you then you'll sign up for the next workshop...just be sure to save a spot for me!