daddy's little girl

Olivia StewartComment

Aria sure loves her daddy.  She loves to be with him no matter what he is doing.


When he is working in his office she likes to sit in his lap and watch. If he goes downstairs she wants to be there with him and she will jump on her trampoline while he works on projects. No one makes Aria laugh like her daddy does! I love hearing them giggle upstairs while he puts on her pajamas or does shadow puppets with her before bed.


One of her favorite activities is helping Joel fix things.


Her little tool box comes out and she gets right to work.


Joel loves his girls too!  After Aria and Joel finished fixing the door he took us on a date to our favorite pizza joint :)

We finished the evening off with ice cream at Leo's in Stillwater.

As hard as it is to see Aria growing so fast, I love watching her relationship grow with Joel and I look forward to seeing them go on dates as she gets older.