life lately

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Life has been a bit crazy lately.  Some of the craziness is hard and some of it is fun; all of it together makes this beautiful mess that we call life.  I am always very open about the crazy in my life as it is therapeutic for me to talk about and hopefully it is helpful for others as well.  This craziness is not my story to share so forgive me for being vague.  Just know that I am hopeful things will improve and as always I am grateful for my loving friends and family and a God that is with me through all of life's ups and downs.

Here are a few snapshots of the beauty that fills my days and blesses my heart.


Flowers blooming in my gardens that I can cut and share with friends.


Making jam for the first time.


Sneaking away for dates with Joel.


 Teaching Chaso how to sew in four hours with this mini quilt project.


Playing with Auntie Shawn while she is home for the summer.


Jamba Juice and throwing rocks at the beach.


Being playful with the sweetest girl I know.

Even in the midst of trials life is still so good.