Final days in Guatemala: la casa del mundo

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To cap off our Guatemalan adventure we went to Lake Atitlan.


We parked in Panajachel and took a boat to our destination: the heavenly La Casa Del Mundo.







I am ashamed to post these pictures because none of them come close to capturing how beautiful this place is.




After a quick scorpion check in our room...yes seriously...we sat down for a lovely candlelit dinner.


We spent hours chatting with each other and John a guest attending a writing retreat.


Can I please sit at that table for a cup of tea again soon?!?

After dinner Shawn and I stayed up talking and attempting to make necklaces for hours.  The conversation was great but our necklaces were a complete failure.  The beads kept falling off every time we got to the end of the strand and tried to tie it.  It was hilariously frustrating!


Did I mention the view?  This is what I woke up to in the morning.


The view outside our room.


I love this picture, thanks to Laura for sharing it!  This is where Laura and JaNahn enjoyed their morning.


My morning :)


Most of my day was spent here.   Can you blame me?


My day consisted of putting on sunscreen, laying in the sun until I was too hot, diving into the water from this ledge, applying more sunscreen and repeating.


Quesadilla lunch, laughing at Casper, chatting a bit more with john and then more hammocks of course!


In the afternoon I showered, sat in the hammock and was desperately wishing that Joel was there with me.  I finished my day with a lovely little nap in this hammock.

In the afternoon we took the boat back to Panajachel.  We did a little bit of shopping because JaNahn had to take the boat back to the hotel for her forgotten purse. I picked up a magnet for Aria, didn't buy shoes (still regret that decision) and spotted the hotel and restaurant I was at in 2008 during my trip with my mom.

I slept on the drive to Guate because of the Dramamine I took on the boat ride. No more dramamine ever.  I'd rather feel sick than be unable to stay awake! We arrived at Rob's house that evening.  Ate a lentil, tomato, and yam dish (Rob can you please move in with me and cook for us!?!) packed and slept hard.

We all woke up at 5:00 to head to the airport.

I can't believe this trip even happened.

I can't believe its over.

I'm happy to be home with my family.

I hope more travels are in my future!