Guatemala: hot springs adventure

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Tuesday afternoon JaNahn, Laura and I went on a little tour.  We visited a couple towns and their vegetable markets, a glass blowing studio and a hot spring.  Shawn blogged about Fuentes Georginas last year and I instantly wanted to go.  I was excited that we were able to fit this into our plans for the week especially because I have never been to a hot springs before!

img_0617 (1)


There are multiple pools to enjoy, bathrooms and a little restaurant.  The setting is beautiful, the pinch me I must be dreaming kind of beautiful.


These pictures don't do the place justice.  It was hard to get good pictures with all the steam and because we just wanted to get into the water!


We chose to hike to the more secluded natural pools.


Don't let these pictures fool you, the path was not always this clear.  We got lost several times but refused to give up!


Soon we heard rushing water and knew we were headed in the right direction.  The bath was surrounded by rainforest, a waterfall and a river and we had it all to ourselves!

image 2



I only wished that Joel could have been there to experience this place with me.  Just another reason for us to go back again!