Guatemala part 3: the best monday ever

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So the title of this post might be a bit of an exaggeration only because I can't remember every Monday of my life.  At the very least it ranks very highly on the list and sounds much better than "a monday that tops the chart of all the mondays I can remember in my life".

Shawn had to go to work on Monday so we made plans to spend the day in Downtown Xela.  I was a little concerned when I realized that I knew the most spanish of the three of us (which is not very much at all) but figured we'd be ok and hoped we wouldn't accidentally offend anyone in our attempts to communicate.

Laura and JaNahn were happy to have received their "cafe con leche" and we didn't have any surprises when we received our meals so I consider my first attempt at ordering in spanish a success!

After breakfast we hung out at a coffee shop and used the wireless for a few minutes while we waited for Trama Textiles to open at 9.

Now to help you understand why I considered this one of the best Mondays ever you should know that I have wanted to weave ever since I saw someone using on a loom during a field trip in elementary school. I was completely awestruck and wanted to do it immediately...20 years later my dream was coming true!


When Shawn mentioned there was a weaving co-op where she lived I was excited to check it out...when she said they have classes, well let's just say it would be embarrassing to describe how excited I was...just imagine me as a ten year old girl finding out her dreams were coming true.

The sign above the door says Trama Textiles: women's association for craft development.


You should check out their site for more information.  You can also purchase a few of their items on etsy.

Amparo de León de Rubio was one of our teachers.  She is one of the women who own Trama and is also the President of the organization.

Laura is learning how to turn the skein of thread into balls to begin the weaving process.  She is pictured with Oralia Chopen, the vice president of TRAMA Textiles and our other teacher for the day.

Here you can see me in the midst of setting up the warp.  This is one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip.

This was a tedious process only because I kept loosing count!  In the background you can see our teachers getting the warp threads set up on the traditional mayan backstrap looms.

After we finished the first step of our weaving we took a break for lunch at La Chatia Artesana.  Shawn I wish I could meet up with you for lunch again soon!

We walked by the market on our way back and bought a few little hair accessories.  JaNahn is modeling her new hair scrunchie.  It literally is the perfect hair accessory for her in my opinion!  I also found some cute heart barrettes for Aria.

Then it was back to work on our weaving.  This step was difficult because not only we learning a new skill but they were giving us instructions in Spanish!


Some people had a harder time than others (JaNahn!!!) I told her to pretend to smile for her picture.  Apparently her teacher didn't get the memo! When we were finished JaNahn kept saying what a terrible job she did (which isn't true, we all made mistakes and I still think they all looked great) but the teacher was trying to help her feel better by saying something nice about the weaving.  She said she really liked the colors. It made us all crack up!  In the end everyone agreed they were glad they did it.


We were all glad when we finished (I think our teachers especially!) My weaving is so much smaller because I chose to do it without the spacing because I liked the look of it better. I only wish I had more time.  I guess I need to go back...what do you think Joel?

They have a little store where they sell items the women in the co-op have made. I absolutely loved their products and after experiencing the weaving process myself I can't believe how inexpensive their items were! Lucky for Joel they didn't accept credit cards :)

Once our weaving adventure was finished we went to Megapaca, the thrift stores where Shawn finds amazing clothes.  Sadly I was too busy thrifting to take pictures but this was another dream come true for me. I love thrifting, I love thrifting with Shawn so it was only right that I get to experience thrifting with Shawn in Guatemala! I found tons of great clothes at ridiculous prices. Seriously ridiculous.  I found 4 cardigans, 1 sweater, 2 shirts, 2 dresses and 1 pair of jeans for about $30.

After shopping we went back to Shawn's house, cooked dinner and relaxed by the fire.  It was a lovely full day and I wish I could set it on repeat!