Antigua:not my typical Sunday

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Sunday morning we took Dagny for a walk and picked up pastries at a beautiful bakery by Rob's house... I wish we had this bakery chain in the US but it is probably best that I don't have delicious mango tarts within walking distance from my house! After breakfast we loaded up the car and were on our way to shop and meet up with a friend for lunch in Antigua.


We wish this had been our ride especially since our borrowed car had questionable brakes.




I wish I could have brought one of these beautiful chairs home for Aria.


Shawn showed us where to find potions for all sorts of things like this one to give you "effective power" over your man.  Don't worry Joel, I didn't get any...or did I?


I love all the beautiful clothing and textiles.  I bought Aria a cute little dress.  Soon it will be warm enough for her to wear it and I will post a picture.


We met our friend Jill for lunch at Michos.  My favorite were the yam fries, kale salad and the hilarious conversation.


We were all to distracted by our delicious food that we didn't take any pictures of the beautiful restaurant or with Jill!


While walking around shopping we enjoyed some helado.


After several hours in Antigua we piled back into the car, whispered a few prayers for our brakes and headed to Shawn's house in Xela.  Along the way we stopped by Shawn's favorite boot shop.  I really wish I had brought a picture with the have some shoes made.  Next time I guess!


After dropping off our bags, swooning over shawn's adorable house and grabbing groceries we made dinner and cozied up by the fire.  It was a beautiful way to spend my Sunday.  I wish I could do it over and over again in a car with better breaks of course!