Guatemala: the beginning

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Friday morning I sat at the airport with a book open to page 1.  My toes were cold in sandals but I held out hope that warmer weather was to come.  A few hours later I was grabbing a quick bite to eat in Dallas before boarding my second flight: destination Guatemala City.

That evening Shawn and her friend Rob picked me up at the airport and our adventure started.  We dropped our bags off at Rob's and ate some of his delicious curry before heading to Antigua for salsa dancing at Las Palmas.


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Shawn and I both love to dance and Rob was kind enough to stay up way past his bed time to be our escort and to drive us to Antigua and back. Thanks Rob!!!


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We had a great time and our partners were gentlemen...for the most part.

Saturday morning we had a little breakfast, took Dagny for a walk in the park behind Rob's condo and I began phase one of my sunscreen application.  Then we were on our way to Montericco.


Our journey included driving to the coast and then taking a ferry to the island.  Here the guys are discussing that our tire picked up a huge nail somewhere along the way.  Thanks to a full size spare our trip was not delayed!


When I say we took the ferry I think that is a generous description of the large rafts we were using.  Honestly it felt like we were playing Oregon Trail and we were just hoping we would make it to the other side without any losses. It was quite hilarious!



There was just enough room to sit on the edge or stand and lean on the car.


It was a beautiful ride.  Lots of cranes and creepy jumping fish with eyes on top of their heads.


We reached the island, got the tire swapped out and drove to our shaded slice of heaven.


Black sand beaches, warm ocean waves, repeated layers of SPF 60 and hammocks.  Need I say more?



My trip was off to a beautiful start!