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I have returned from a fabulous week-long trip to Guatemala.  I loved every second of it and will be posting about it soon but for now here are some pictures of Aria from the last couple days.  Vacation is over and now I am back to the daily adventure of being a momma to this precious little girl!


Aria and I went to the Minnesota Zoo on Saturday.  I love this picture because not only is she sporting pigtails for the first time since I cut her hair in December but she is also wearing the cardigan I just finished knitting for her!


This one was just too cute not to share!


I was definitely hoping that all the snow would be gone upon my return but Aria doesn't seem to mind at all.  I need to live a little more like Aria does.  She has no idea what each day will bring as I am the keeper of the calendar but she lives with anticipation that good things will come.  Life is about enjoying the process and not arriving at a destination.  So here is to splashing in puddles instead of longing for green grass.