Aria at 22 months

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Would it be too much to ask that she would crawl up on my lap to snuggle, read, rock and sing forever!?


This picture perfectly describes Aria at 22 months.  Multi tasking: taking care of her baby, hands full, backpack filled with even more fun and on the move.  Most of my pictures of Aria are blurry these days because she is such a busy girl!

Here is an overview of a typical day:

At 8:00 I will start to hear cute little noises coming from Aria's room.  I giddily go into her room to collect my first snuggles of the day. Aria usually likes to snuggle, read books or play in her room a bit when she wakes up. We take it slow in the morning unless we have somewhere to go. After getting her dressed we will go downstairs for breakfast.  We will often eat toast, eggs, yogurt or cereal and Aria will begin her day long quest to acquire cheese and juice.

Aria usually spends time playing independently while I clean up breakfast and get things done around the house.  Lately she loves taking care of her babies or playing with her toy food and picnic set.  She also loves going for walks outside and finding her shadow.  If I have errands to run or places to go I usually utilize this time between breakfast and lunch to do those things.

Around 11:30/noon I will lure Aria away from her toys with the promise of cheese.  Her favorite lunch these days is peanut butter toast, string cheese, berries and peas.  Aria is usually ready for nap right after lunch, if she doesn’t seem tired yet we will read books or do some other calm activity until she seems ready.  She usually sleeps between two and three hours.  She always has her pacifier and blankie when she sleeps and lately she has been obsessed with her little pillow.

After nap we have snack. This is usually a time I would have Aria do a craft or activity with me.  Coloring or painting with water colors.  Aria also loves to play music and dance.  Depending on the weather we have been going for walks at this time or after dinner.  She loves to go for walks and look for woof woofs.  She also LOVES to go check for mail in the mailbox.


Sometimes I have Aria start eating while I finish cooking dinner, other times she plays while I cook, sometimes I let her watch a cartoon.  For dinner lately she has loved broccoli and pasta or rice, chickpeas and naan. After dinner we have a little more play time.  If it is nice we will go for a walk or a bike ride.


 Then it is time to clean up toys so we can take a bath.  Aria would take multiple baths a day if I'd let her.  Next we put on pajamas and drink milk while reading books.  We finish up by brushing teeth which has gotten a lot more exciting now that Aria gets to use toothpaste!  Then we pray.  Her nightly prayers usually include dada, nana and papa, baba and dada again.  Finally she climbs into her new big girl bed for the night.

I sneak out of room quietly, happy that she is in bed and that in only 12 hours I will get to see her cute sleepy face again!