my 30th birthday week

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My birthday week was started off by having dinner out with my mom and sisters on Sunday night.  Joel lovingly stayed home and took care of five kids so we could go out!


Enjoying the delicious sundaes with my twin sister :)  I highly recommend The Tavern in Woodbury.  So delicious.


Monday Aria and I enjoyed a slow paced day at home.  It included a lot of feeding and caring for her baby dolls.  I was just about to start cooking dinner when Aria said she wanted to go play outside.  So we ordered a pizza and enjoyed the last bit of sunshine while we waited for the pizza to be delivered.

Tuesday's events included crafty time with Kara.  I can't include pictures because I was making presents for people.  We had a great time and need to do it again soon!  Tuesday evening I attended the first class in the Love and Logic course at church.  I am excited to learn a few tools to help now that Aria is actually needing to be parented.


Wednesday we went to knitting group as usual and then to my friend Erica's for lunch.  Erica and Jonell surprised me with a gift of money and four hours of childcare so I could go do whatever I wanted! I spent my time and money on a manicure and pedicure, nail polish and clothes.  Then I went to Panera to enjoy my free birthday dessert while I knit by the fire. Erica also cooked a delicious dinner of alfredo and baked broccoli for my family.  Talk about being spoiled!!!


After dinner we had small group and enjoyed my favorite: Dairy Queen cake without the chocolate ice cream.


Joel gave me a hand loom, a case for my essential oils and a very sweet card for my birthday.

Thursday Aria went to Grandma Roses.  I got my haircut and then brought lunch and ice cream sundaes to Joel's office.  I ended up hanging out there for several hours.  It was nice to get to see Joel in his element and spend time with the rest of the canopy team.  Thursday night I went out with girlfriends.  It is our tradition to go to Cafe Latte whenever we are celebrating a birthday.  Delicious food and even better conversation!


Friday night Joel and I  went with friends to Loring Pasta Bar for dinner.  Joel left after dinner to get Aria to bed while I went to Annie's Parlor and then back to Loring Pasta bar for Salsa dancing!  Dancing is good for my soul!


Saturday we went to The Guthrie to see Tristan and Yseult with friends while my sister Lacey took care of Aria.  We wanted to take our friends to the Guthrie while they were in town.  This play was described as: A love triangle of epic proportions – complete with forbidden desires, broken hearts and tender truths. Kneehigh’s thrill-ride of a production blends comedy, live music and jaw-dropping theatricality for a night of theater as hilarious as it is moving. In a five-star review, the U.K.’s Guardian raved, “If this show doesn’t make you fall in love with theatre, there’s no potion on Earth that can help you.”  They did not disappoint!

I don't think a girl could feel more loved and blessed as I have this past week.  If this is any indicator of what my 30th year will bring it is going to be a good year!