off the grid

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Last week Aria and I took a trip up north to visit my Aunt and Uncle. It was a wonderful little getaway!  We enjoyed three slow paced days, playing, talking, knitting, eating delicious food, playing with their "woof woof" and relaxing.  We ended up staying a fourth day with my sister and her family.


Thank you Liz for being such a gracious host!


While we were there Liz taught me how to make Aria a little sweater.  I will be sure to show you the sweater when it is finished.


Liz made this beautiful sweater.  I just had to see it on Aria...I think I will attempt to make this sweater next!


Aria enjoyed her vacation as well :)  She loved playing with all the beautiful yarn just like her mommy!

I am already planning our next visit... learning how to spin on Liz's new spinning wheel and how to make her famous buns!  Thank you again Towers family for welcoming us into your home!