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I have always loved ice skating.  I would get dropped off at Noonan's Park and skate for hours when I was younger. I was pretty excited when I received the invitation to my niece Melody's 8th birthday party and saw that we would be going to the Depot in Minneapolis.  I'm sad to say I didn't get any pictures with the birthday girl but we did get a few pictures of another cute little girl though!


This was Aria's first introduction to the wonderful world of ice skating.  She was a little shy at first but once we took her out on the ice she couldn't get enough!


She didn't have skates but we took her out in her boots. She loved walking, sliding and being carried.  Hopefully we can get her some little skates next year!


Based on Aria's first experience I'm pretty sure I have a few more hours ice skating on the neighborhood pond in my future.  Joel's family used to clear a rink on the pond behind their house and keep extra skates around for friends. Our backyard isn't big enough but the park behind our house would be...what would it take to get the city on board with that idea?!?