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I won't always be cleaning up food or spilled milk after your sippy cups falls to the floor for the tenth time that day. I won't always have a little girl leaving toys all over the kitchen floor and spilling the spices while I cook.

I won't always have to hold you in the middle of the night when you wake up crying.

You won't always be in the backseat of my car randomly crying because you want cheese.

You won't always insist on being a spectator while I go to the bathroom.

You won't always be stealing sips out of my water glass and mooching bites of whatever I'm eating.

You won't always be beside me splashing water all over as you "help" me wash the dishes.

These aren't always considered *perks* of being a mom but I consider them a privilege because they are part of getting to be your mom.

I won't always get to eat meals with you.

I won't always get to snuggle you as soon as you wake up and get to hear your first words of the day.

I won't always hear you clapping and giggling along to music.

You won't always be playing peek a boo in the kitchen cupboards and hugging my legs while I cook.

I won't always have you as my little sidekick but no matter what life brings I will always treasure the time I have had with you and will ALWAYS love you!  I'm sure that some day in the future when you aren't always by my side I would gladly sweep the floor and clean up spilled milk just to have you at the dinner table with me again.