Happy birthday Drew!

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Friday night my friend Erica set up a surprise birthday party for her husband.  She invited a bunch of guys over to hang out and play poker.  A while ago she showed me his senior pictures from high school and I knew we had to incorporate them into poker night somehow.  Joel and I came up with the idea of having cards made with his picture on the back.  They arrived in the mail on friday just in time for poker night!  I think this might be the best senior picture I've ever seen!


A fun side effect of this poker night was that there were a bunch of wives and kids free to hang out so several of them came over to our house for dinner and playtime.  Erica and her kids even spent the night.


My favorite part of sleepovers (besides getting to stay up late and talk after the kids go to bed) is getting to wake up and play in the morning.  Tirzah and Alayna were the first ones up so they painted with watercolors at the table while they waited for Elliott and Aria to wake up.  I snapped this picture of the three girls because I thought it was so sweet.  They gathered around a book while the older girls told Aria about the coming of Jesus at Christmas.

Thanks for letting me borrow your family overnight Drew.  I hope you had a great birthday!