ba boo!

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The view I had this morning while hiding in the closet with Aria.  Someday I will explain that peek a boo and hide n seek actually require there to be someone that we are hiding from but for now this is how we play.  When she wants me to hide I do my best to fit into wherever she wants to be.  Then she waits for a bit before she opens the door and says "Ba boo!"  How can you not smile when this face is looking back at you!?!

Thank you for the encouraging emails and comments on my last post.  I am starting to feel more myself.  I've completed several tasks on my to do list, removed some that were causing unnecessary stress, had some down time, had some crafty time, eaten some comfort food (shout out to the family tradition of malt-o-meal in the morning), watched a chic flick, snuggled my family, done yoga, visited a new library, started knitting Aria a sweater...ripped it out...and started it again.  My rule for the last few days was that I was only going to do things that make me happy.  Washing dishes and doing laundry aren't fun for me but when they are all done I am definitely happy so they were included.  My house is mostly put back together.  I find that the state of my house typically reflects my state of mind.  Things are looking up :-)