thankful for my little helper

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Any mom can tell you that having a little one around can make it harder to get items crossed off their to-do list.  Normally Aria will entertain herself in the playroom while I wash dishes and visit occasionally to show me something or to play in the cabinets.  This week I had a pile of dishes that grew for six days because every time I tried to wash them Aria would cry and insist I come and play with her.  Finally on the 7th day I decided to pull up a chair and see if she wanted to watch me.


She observed for a long time, sometimes reaching to splash in the water or mimic my movements.


It took quite awhile to get a week's worth of dishes washed so eventually she required a washcloth of her own to keep her entertained.  This definitely didn't speed up the process at all but it sure was cute.  I am so thankful to have my little "helper" around.  I know that one day I will think back and miss the days that I had to let the dishes pile up just so I could spend time playing with you.