thankful for my family

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It's no secret that I love my family.  I talk about them often and I am so grateful that we live close so we get to spend time together.  Unfortunately, most of Joel's family lives in Colorado and we only see them a few times a year.  That is part of the reason he became so close with his Aunt Carol.  Larry and Carol lived in White Bear and opened their home to Joel and his sisters while they were in MN for college.  Joel has described their home as the best place on earth.  Over the last 8 years I have been lucky enough to become a part of their amazing family.


Larry and Carol were a great example of what love truly looks like.


They have two sons David and Chris, a daughter-in-law Jessica and two grandchildren Amelie and Isaiah.


Joel's family rushed to Minnesota last tuesday in order to say goodbye to Carol before she was taken off of life support.


Aria liked playing with her baby cousins and walking through the halls waving at people.


Aria was obsessed with Nana while she was here.  She wanted to show her Nana everything.


I think our Skype dates have helped Aria to feel close to Nana and Papa even though they live far away.


With all of the little cousins together a picture was required.  I loved getting to see Aria playing with all of them.  It makes me excited to watch them grow and form friendships with one another.


Seeing Aria playing with her Uncle Barry was so sweet.

 We have spent every day with Joel's family and had many of them staying at our home.  It truly blessed me to watch Joel's family members love each other over the past week.  The time spent at the hospital, eating and drinking together, sharing stories and remembering Carol have shown me what a lovely family I have become a part of.  I loved being able to serve them and provide a place for them to be together.  In many ways I feel like Carol was the first one to welcome me into the family and now I feel even closer to everyone because of the time we spent gathered together figuring out how to say goodbye to her.

I have only witnessed a small part of Carol's life but it is clear that she made a huge impact on this world.  I hope to carry on the legacy of love that Carol has begun.  What an amazing woman.  Thank you for everything Carol.