Thankful for time with Grandma & Maxine

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Grandma and Maxine are here to visit for a couple of days.  We have a special project we are working on and a birthday celebration for my uncle and cousin tomorrow. IMG_8315

Aria and Grandma spent hours playing in the play room.  Maxine spent hours running around in our fenced backyard.


We headed outdoors to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.  I picked up Aria's little Radio Flyer Steer and Stroll Trike at Savers for $7 last week.  It needed a little cleanup but that was definitely worth the $60-90 savings!


She can't reach the pedals yet but did a great job riding along!


Aria decided she wanted Grandma to read her bedtime stories in our walk-in closet.  She insisted Grandma sit on the little step stool with her.  I'm sure it was a little uncomfortable but totally worth it for a special moment with Aria.

Now that Aria is in bed we are enjoying a treat while watching a documentary.

Thank you for coming to spend the day with us Grandma, WE LOVE YOU!