Living Intentionally: birthday surprise

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I alluded to a surprise in yesterday's post.  I was so excited about it last night that I had a hard time sleeping.  I was so happy when it was finally time to wake up and get the surprise started! My friend Bethany is a crazy talented, uber smart, hard working, loving wife and mother who just had a birthday.  I have heard her express a desire to have space to be crafty and decided I would try to come up with a solution to her problem.  They are in the process of finishing their basement and hope to have a craft room finished for her within a year but I didn't think she needed to wait that long to have a more workable space.


This is the before picture that her husband Robert sent me two nights ago so I could start scheming.  It is a shared office space that is a walk through between the kitchen and living room.  Bethany currently uses it for a home office for general running of the household, headquarters for her Norwex consulting business and etsy shop.  When I arrived it housed miscellaneous items, lots of paperwork, recipe books, photo albums, old college text books, games... a little bit of everything really.  My goal was to create an organized space that was functional and more inspiring.  We needed space for all of Bethany's Norwex and crafting supplies (that were being stored all over the house) while still keeping the space functional as an office and home library.


We started by cleaning and organizing the bookshelves and clearing out the bottom two cabinets.  Most of the items in the left cabinet were textbooks that hadn't used in years so those went into storage.  The photo albums were placed alongside other albums on the shelving in the living room.  Recipe books stacked on top of the black cart beside the shelf that held some pantry food items.  Games were stacked in the tall cabinet door on the right.  After the shelves and desk were clear it was time for the fun to begin!


I brought all my supplies in and started making my vision a reality.  Robert was so helpful getting items organized or into storage and helped hang everything on the walls.  He was such a good sport trusting me to do this especially in just a few hours while his wife was at work.


The green storage containers were all on clearance at Joann Fabrics along with the "create" sign.  The white board/cork board was in their basement and the brown frame they had on hand but weren't using.  I picked up the matching kleenex (yup, I'm a nerd but it was a cheap way to add more color) and the teal post-it notes at Walgreens yesterday while I was waiting to get a few of their family pictures printed.  I made the fabric bunting, painted the embroidery hoop and note that says "You are Loved", wrapped an old frame I had with fabric and used twine and paper clips to hold two more of their family pics, I painted the metal tray to match and had her kids draw the birthday cards that are on the cork board.


I used the matching green storage bins her husband purchased as part of her birthday present to hold her finished crochet projects and moved the black bins from her storage cart into the cabinet to hold her yarn and her art books and patterns.  The white topped bin on the top has kids crafting supplies.


The other cabinet holds all of her Norwex sales materials and paperwork.

Bethany was very surprised and excited about the space.  I think the little project was a big success!  A special thanks to Robert for all of his help in the execution, to Jonell and Erica for helping to purchase supplies and to Bethany for being ok with me moving all your stuff around!  I hope that the space inspires you to create and love your beautiful home just a little bit more.


On top of all the morning's excitement we also went to Cafe Latte for birthday dinner and dessert.  Thank you to the husbands for taking care of the little ones so we could sneak away for some lovely girl time.  (Bethany is wearing the cream coat)


I had to share a picture of Elliott wearing one of the hats Bethany makes.  This kid is obsessed with his hat and wants to wear it all the time.  If you want to check out the hats Bethany makes visit B. Blick Boutique on etsy.

Happy birthday dear friend!  I love you!