Living Intentionally: A Date with Joel

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Joel was home this Thursday and Aria was with Grandma Rose so we were able to sneak away on a date.  It was glorious!  We chose to do things that we don't normally do so it would feel like a mini vacation.


I always feel special on dates because we ride in Joel's fancy car and he opens the door for me :-)


We went to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  It was fun to walk around and discuss the paintings and the best part is that it was free.  This was my favorite work of art from the day, Snow, Boulevard de Clichy by Paul Signac.  I have always liked pointillism, I am fascinated by the images that can be created using dots and that our eyes see the big picture or the individual dots depending on our perspectives.  I liked this painting in particular because it made me excited for winter.  That is saying a lot because I usually dread winter but this painting reminded me how pretty it is!


We ate an organic vegetarian lunch at The Bad Waitress on Nicollet Avenue.  Joel is the best husband ever, he always switches meals if I want to!


At this point I could hardly believe it wasn't time to rush home and relieve the babysitter.  Instead we went for ice cream at Sebastion Joe's.  We shared a dish of Apple Crisp and Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  I felt like I was in heaven.


We started walking back to the car and passed a store I had always wanted to go into called Patina.  We spent the next hour together laughing at the books and checking out all the cute kids toys.

I am crazy in love with my husband and I am so thankful for the time we got to spend together.