Living Intentionally: Goal 12

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Goal 12: Starting my mornings with a devotional time

If you have been following my blog this month you know that I have established the goal of waking up at 7:00.  I know that isn't early but when Aria sometimes sleeps until 8:30 the idea of staying in bed can be very enticing!  I have been sticking to my goal and it has been lovely.  One of my favorite parts of the morning is having devotional and prayer time.


I would highly recommend this devotional if anyone is looking for one.  It is called SOLO and is put out by the Message Bible.  It a 365 day devotional.  It follows the storyline of the Bible chronologically.  Each day includes a selection of the Bible to read and then follows the Lectio Divina format of Read, Think, Pray and Live.

I have had the goal of keeping a prayer journal over the last year.  It helps me to stay focused and allows me to look back and see when prayers have been answered.  I also keep church sermon notes in my journal and try to revisit the notes each week.

In the past I have not been great about setting aside this time each day and I'm still not super rigid with it.  My goal is only to be conversing with God in the morning and throughout the day whether it is with this devotional or prayer or any other means.  It has helped me to start my day off feeling peaceful and centered and to continue learning and growing in my faith.