Living Intentionally: last day of juice reboot

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Today is day 5 of our juice reboot.  After I made adjustments to using spinach instead of Kale and excluding ginger and parsley I thought all of the juices were delicious.  I started to get a little hungry on day 4 but that might have been because I ended up having to share all of my juices with a certain little girl!


We will be breaking our fast tonight at dinner.  Joel and I are meeting up for Chipotle before he goes to board game night and then broomball.  We decided to start eating tonight because I started to feel weak last night and a little light headed today.  I also didn't want Joel to play broom ball without a few extra calories in his body.

Overall I would recommend this reboot if you are considering it.  My main suggestion would be to get a nice juicer that is really easy to clean as you will have 5 juices to make each day.  You should also feel free to play with the recipes a little to ensure that you enjoy the juices as I don't think there is any need to suffer.  It was helpful for us to start eating healthier prior to beginning this process.  I 'd imagine the worse your diet is the worse you will feel as you detox.  I was able to do this fast without feeling sick at all.


Joel and I each lost approximately 6-8 pounds.  I definitely lost a few inches on my body, who knows if that will stay off but it would be a nice side effect.  I am craving healthy foods and feel less tempted by greasy junk food.  I was also happy to learn that Aria will drink her fruits and veggies.

Joel and I each ate the following:

35 carrots, 26 apples, 15 cucumbers, 10 celery stalks, 6 oranges, a lot of Kale and Spinach, 5 limes, 5 sweet potatoes, 5 peaches, 5 pears,  4 lemons, 2 watermelons,  a carton of blueberries, a bunch of grapes, basil, mint and more coconut water than I ever hope to again!

I think this was a good kick off to eating healthier but I am very excited to start chewing food again!