Living Intentionally: Day 14

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In an effort to create less waste, not buy new and be intentional about what goes into our bodies  (goal # 5, 6 and 10) I made reusable wipes for Aria.  In the past I have made my own with paper towels because they were cheaper but they got moldy and were still wasteful so I went back to using regular baby wipes.  After a little research about the ingredients in wipes decided it was time to make a change. No more store bought wipes for my baby!  I pulled out some flannel that I already had on hand and sewed a stack of reusable wipes.  I also had a spare spray bottle that I am using with just plain water for now.  I am still deciding what type of solution I want to use in my spray bottle.  My previous wipe solution used baby oil but I'd prefer to use healthier ingredients.  Most of the suggestions I have found include a combination of water, castille soap, aloe vera, witch hazel and essential oils.  Let me know if you are interested in what I finally settle on.


Today was my first day using them.  I sprayed them, wiped and set them aside with the dirty cloth diaper.  After I finished changing Aria I took the wipe into the bathroom with the dirty diaper and cleaned them using the diaper sprayer attached to the toilet.  Then I placed both it in the hamper with the wet diapers.  Wash and repeat.

I am happy to find a cheap, healthy and green alternative to one more item in my house.  Any other suggestions?