Living Intentionally: Updates

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We are only 12 days into October and I already think my challenge of living intentionally has made a big impact.  I am much more motivated and content because I feel like I am making the most of my days.

I am following goal #1 of waking up at 7:00.  I actually tend to wake up a few minutes before 7 which makes me happy because then I don't have to hear my alarm.  I don't always make it bed by 11:00 but I try to most nights.

Goal #4, getting organized by using my planner, has helped me to take advantage of my time before Aria wakes up to get my to do list done and has helped me schedule dates with family and friends.

We are doing a great job of following goal #5, creating less waste.  We are composting a lot, especially now that we are moving towards a vegetarian diet and are currently juicing.  We have definitely cut our waste by 1/3 if not more.

I am also doing great at goal #6, not buying new, everything Aria was wearing from head to toe is either borrowed or second hand and my outfit is from savers, the clothing swap and garage sales.

Goal #7 has helped me to include myself in pictures more and not be worried about how I look.  I want to leave a legacy of pictures of me with my family.

I am so glad I instituted goal #3 of planning dates for our family. This morning we went to Punkinmania at Triangle Park in Mahtomedi. Most of the events like jumpy castles and fair type games were too advanced for Aria but there were pumpkins to play with and a petting zoo so we had a great time.






Aria loves animals so she was pretty much in heaven at the petting zoo.  I think she would have stayed there all day if we let her.  She went from animal to animal petting them and giggling.  I was amazed that she wasn't scared of them regardless of how big they were.  I will definitely have to find more petting zoos to visit!


Day two of the juicing went much better than yesterday.  I enjoyed all of the different juices today.  Changing from kale to spinach made a huge difference.  Yesterday I barely choked down the green juices and today I would have been happy to drink more.  I also added fresh squeezed orange juice to the coconut water and that helped a lot.  Aria wanted to share all of my juices today.  I am happy she likes them because she doesn't consistently eat her fruits and veggies so now I have an alternative method of getting her to eat them.  Here we are enjoying the Watermelon-Lime-Basil afternoon snack.

Now it's time to sit down with my tea and relax (goal 9) before my bedtime.