Living Intentionally: Goal 7

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Goal 7: Capture memories of Aria and I together (don't avoid taking pictures with her just because I don't look the greatest)

Tonight we all put on our pajamas early.  We were all tired and ready to get settled in.  After dinner we all played in the playroom.  Even though I'm in pjs, didn't shower today or put on make up I still wanted Joel to take our picture.  It is moments like this when we are together as a family that I want to remember.  I know when Aria is grown up I will miss giving her raspberries and singing songs together.  When I see these pictures I don't see me, I see Aria and I having fun.  I am hoping that when Aria grows up she will have lots of pictures of us doing life rather than a few posed pictures on the days that Mommy had time to do her hair! IMG_5005