Living Intentionally: Goal 6

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Goal 6: Don't buy new...borrow, trade or buy used products when possible

I have been waiting for months for tonight to arrive, it was finally time for my clothing swap!  Not only is this a great way to get together with friends but it is also a wonderful way to recycle clothes and change up my wardrobe without spending money!  This is just one way that I am hoping to become less of a consumer.

This is the third one I have done with friends and I absolutely love them.  I love watching everyone get excited about the new treasures they find.  I love helping people choose clothes they wouldn't normally pick for themselves.  I love that with just a little bit of work organizing the event and providing a few treats I can bless a group of my favorite women.  I know from my own experiences that the joy continues long past the swap.  Not only is it fun to wear my new clothes but I love putting them on and thinking about my friends that swapped them!






If you want to come to my next clothing swap or if you have found creative ways to consume less let me know!