Living Intentionally: Goal 5

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Goal 5: Create less waste Growing up one of my favorite cartoons was Captain Planet and my favorite book was 100 Ways to Save the Planet.  Joel and I care about our planet but in the past have done little in our daily life to make more earth friendly decisions.    Now Joel and I are trying to be more mindful of what we consume and what we throw away.  I have reusable shopping bags but sometimes I leave them at home or I get into the store and realize I forgot the bags in the car.  Starting now if I forget them in the car or at home then I don't get to use bags!  The woman checking me out at target today kept asking if I was sure I didn't want a bag.  When I went to cub next I made sure I had one with me.  I am hoping this will help me to be more mindful.  If I do use plastic or paper bags I reuse them at home so at least they are being recycled.


Another thing we are doing is composting.  I am hoping that with composting, recycling and being more mindful about the purchases we make we can significantly reduce the amount of household waste we produce.  This was also a major reason that we chose to use cloth diapers.  I was not ok with throwing a thousand diapers into landfills to sit there long after our lifetime.

Here is a link with some basic composting information if you are interested in starting at home.  The basic rule of thumb is that if it was a living thing then it can be composted (except meat).  Roughly 30% of what ends up in landfills could have been composted.