Living Intentionally: Goal 4

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Goal 4: Use a planner to help me stay organized and make the most of my days I have used a planner before and loved it.  The planner that I love is by Erin Condren and it is called "weekly on the go life planner".  It is $50, but totally worth it for me and it goes through December 2014.  It helps my mental health and honestly helps me be better at life!  Plus there is a $10 off coupon code: welcome10

The planner that I chose has a quote on the front that is perfect for me right now.  The main goal in living intentionally for me is to make my days count.



I just received my planner yesterday and it is already helping me live more intentionally.  I have my to do list, my goals and my schedule all in one place.  Normally Joel and I use the calendar app on our phones for all of our scheduling but that isn't enough to help me see the big picture of my life.  This planner helps me to see if I am too busy and where I have openings to fill in with loving and blessing others.  It helps me to dream bigger, take better care of myself and my loved ones, plus it is pretty to look at!


Here is my calendar for October.  Let me know if you want to fill in any of my free days!

I better sign off so I can make my goal of going to bed at 11!