Living Intentionally: Goal 3

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Goal # 3: Plan dates for my family

Considering how quickly the days and weeks go by, I want to be sure that we are spending quality time together as a family.  In order to help make these special times happen I am committing to being more organized with my calendar (more on that later) and will plan events ahead of time that I want to do each season.  We have already crossed one of these excursions off our list with a trip to Aamodt's Apple farm.  I hope that this will become a yearly tradition for us.  We chose Aamodt's because it is very close to our house and offers a variety of activities.


I am excited to take pictures by this chart each time.  Any guesses for how tall she will be next year?


Is it bad that I am already looking forward to eating an apple donut next year?  Next time Aria can have her own donut because mommy doesn't want to share!


Aria loves to hold our hands while we walk and direct us where to go.


She kept taking us back to the goats.  She loves animals!


Picking apples at my grandparents farm is such a fond memory from my childhood so it was very special to share this activity with Aria.





We all had a lovely time.  Aria was so excited the whole time and gave us extra hugs and kisses!


I couldn't agree more :-)