31 days of being intentional

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Happy October Friends! So far fall has been beautiful around these parts.  I am hoping we have a nice long fall this year!  In order to help me make the most of this fall, and of each day God has blessed me with, I plan to focus on living intentionally during the month of October.  I don't know exactly what this is going to look like but I will be blogging about my thoughts and experiences doing this challenge this month.

Having spent about 75% of my life as a student or as a teacher it has been strange for me not to have a big shift in my day to day life this fall.  With friends going back to teaching and their kids heading to preschool I have been struggling to wrap my mind around what this new season should look like for me and my family.    It has left me feeling like something is missing or like I am wasting my days.   I have had several disjointed thoughts and efforts to feel organized and settled with our days.  So join me this month as I endeavor to be intentional with my days.  Or if you don't want to join me then check back in November!

I was inspired to do this when I came across a Pin on Pinterest about 31 days of Less & More, a blog that I have linked to below.  They will be doing a similar challenge if you'd like to follow along with them.  I hope that something in these posts will inspire you in some way as well!