silly girl

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Last night Aria was being so funny.  Joel and I were downstairs talking about possible uses of our family room space.  Aria was dressed in pajamas carrying her bottle around as she was moments away from bedtime.  She must have been a little over tired because she was acting so goofy!  She kept twirling until she would stumble and fall.  Then she would get up and do it again and again.  It was so funny!  Then she lifted up her shirt to show her tummy indicating that she wanted daddy to give her a raspberry.  So we did that for awhile until she wanted to give daddy one.  We spent the next few minutes laughing hysterically as she went back and forth giving us her version of a raspberry.  Sometimes she would just bend over us, other times she would blow and a few times she'd drool on us a little.  It was a funny family moment that I want to remember forever!