playtime at 15 months

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Playtime with Aria at 15 months is messy!  I just keep telling myself that she can have a bath at the end of the day so I should let her have her fun.


I definitely had to keep the change of clothes, fresh diaper and a bath in mind when Aria decided to play in the gutters!  We were playing at Lacey's and her brother in law was spraying off his driveway next door.  Aria wanted to splash in the river created in the gutter.  Then she decided to sit right down and have a good time.  Of course she had her rubber ducky with her in the water!


When we were playing in the front yard Aria kept eyeing the sprinkler across the street and saying "ooooh" so I decided we could play with our hose.


She liked trying to catch the water from it's source.   In the end she was soaking but happy :-)


When we go to the park these days she is all about the slides and the sand.  There is a side by side slide that we go down together holding hands.  We both love that one!


We spend a lot of time in the playroom reading books, making the toys play music, and playing in/with the tent.  Aria has recently discovered that the tent is light enough for her to move and flip over!


Our most recent playtime has been at the children's museum.  Aria loves all the water play areas.  I look forward to watching her explore over the next year.  It will be fun to see what play areas she gravitates towards.

I absolutely love this stage with Aria mess and all!  She plays hard, at the end of the day she is dirty, scraped up and ready for bed.  I hope that she always lives each day to the fullest.  I love you little one!