children's museum with grandma

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This week we had an impromptu visit with Grandma.  Aria said she wanted to take Grandma to play at the children's museum.  Since Daddy got us a membership last week I agreed!


This was Aria's first attempt at coloring with crayons.  Most of the scribbles were from Grandma and I trying to show her how.  She couldn't quite push hard enough to make a mark.


I'm pretty sure Grandma had a good time playing too!


We made bubbles.


Aria did a little painting


and played in the Dora and Diego exhibit.


My favorite part was when Aria pushed the little cart around the mini sized grocery store and filled it up with fake food.  She knew exactly what to do.  I'm pretty sure this would have been one of my favorite places to play when I was a little girl.  We are so blessed to have a membership (thank you Joel) and to be able to share it with Grandma and friends.  Our membership includes a free adult and discounts for other guests so let me know if you want to go play with us sometime!