family time

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Last weekend we went shopping for furniture.  We are looking for a sleeper sofa for the basement.  We stopped at a few stores and at the last one we let Aria walk around instead of having her ride in the stroller.  Aria was in heaven.  She was so excited you would have thought she was at Disney World!


If you've spent any amount of time with Aria you'd know how much she loves sitting in chairs.  She absolutely loved climbing on the couches and playing with the furniture.


She spent about ten minutes just giggling in the entrance and looking through the glass doors.  I told Joel we should try to have her do a commercial for Ashley Furniture!  We literally had to drag her out of there.  We didn't find what we were looking for so we will have to keep shopping; Aria will be thrilled!


After shopping we met up with friends for ice cream at cup n cone.  Then we went and played in the fountains at the town square.  Aria had a blast!


Joel would swing her in and out of the water.


By the end she was drenched but thoroughly happy.  It was quite an exciting evening for our little girl!