rubber ducky you're the one

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Aria is obsessed with her rubber ducky.  She carries it with her all day.


It is with her when she eats


and while she plays.


She has a big version at Grandma Rose's house that she plays with in her pool.


She holds it while she is getting ready for bath.


She likes it during story time.


Of course she likes to chew on it as well.

She holds it in the car and if she drops it she says uh-oh!  It is pretty adorable.  She would take it to bed with her if we let her.  Instead we have her put ducky to sleep by putting it in the basket along with her other bath toys.  She doesn't like to put ducky down but she reluctantly waves goodnight and retrieves it first thing in the morning.  The look of concern on her face when I ask where ducky is and she doesn't know is so adorable!  I definitely need to learn the Rubber Ducky song that Ernie sang on Sesame Street!