a little trip in June

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I am definitely a little behind on getting this post up.  I am going to post it now even though it happened two months ago because I want to remember it!  It all started when we had a sleepover with Shawn in June.   At breakfast she mentioned that she was driving to Indianna the next morning and was going to need a lot of coffee and energy drinks to make it there.  Immediately I said that Aria and I could come with her if she would drop us off on the way in Chicago.  I called my dad to confirm he would be available to host us and hang out.  A deal was struck and she showed up bright and early the next morning to pick us up for our impromptu  road trip!  Aria and I spent two and a half days with my family.


Arianna was excited to t.ake us to the park at her school.


I love this picture of Aria because it shows how hard she plays at playgrounds these days.  By the time we leave she is sweaty and filthy. Look at the dirt on her knees!


All of the girls do such a good job playing with and taking care of Aria.


My favorite part of the trip was after all the kids were in bed.  My dad and I snuck out for ice cream.  I felt like a little girl out on a date with her daddy!  We haven't had time with just the two of us in years so it was a real treat.   And yes, I made him take pictures with the hats on! Thanks Daddy :-)


I was also able to squeeze in a little time with Liesl.  She met us out for ice cream at Margie's Candies.  Afterwards my dad and Sheri took Aria home with them so we could have some girl time.  Liesl and I walked back to her apartment and talked for hours.  I was sad when I had to leave but didn't want to be out on the subway too late by myself.  I love you Liesl!


I just need to take a moment to share about the turtle sundae at Margie's.  It was unreal.  I have thought about it countless times since consuming it.  If you are in Chicago I highly recommend getting one.  This picture definitely doesn't do it justice.  It normally wouldn't have been my first choice but it is their specialty so I order it.  I can't wait to go back for more!  Three scoops vanilla ice cream topped with caramel, whipped cream, peanuts and a side of chocolate sauce.  So delicious!

Now to get back on track.

Aria and I flew back the next afternoon.  It was a whirlwind trip but so worth it!  Thank you to Shawn for including us in the first part of your trip.  I love road trips with you!  Thank you to Daddy and crew for welcoming us on such short notice.  Thank you to Liesl for finding time to meet up and for our late night girl talk.  Thank you to Joel for supporting my crazy last minute decisions and thank you to Aria for being so easy going so we can do things like this!  Here's hoping we can do it again soon!