my little toddler

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This week at church Aria moved up from the baby room to the toddler room.  She loved it!  Look at her riding and vacuuming at the same time!  She is riding next to her friend who is named Aria Rose!  It will be so fun to watch these two grow up together!  I had a lot of fun in the room as well.  Aria Rose's mom is a good friend and is also the volunteer coordinator at church.  She asked our small group members to help cover some of the open spots in childcare.  Joel helped in the elementary room and I was in the toddler room.  It was so fun to be there on the move up day to watch Aria adapt to a new environment.  I was in the room with her the whole time but she barely noticed.  She was busy playing while other peoples kids took turns sitting on my lap.  That's my sweet baby girl... I mean toddler!