crafty time with kara

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Today Aria and I had a crafty day with Kara.  She came over with the goal of making bunting. It was pretty funny trying to explain to our husbands what we were going to be doing!  This was another craft inspired by Pinterest.


Aria woke up early from naptime and wanted to be right in on the action.  I was thrilled when she wanted to sit on my lap while I was sewing.  It was adorable. Definitely one of my favorite moments as a mom to date!  She would giggle every time I sewed one of the bunting flags.  She liked turning the buttons and sat with me for about ten minutes.  It was dreamy!


I love crafty time with Kara!  Actually I love anytime spent with this girl.  She is a keeper for sure!


Here is a close up of my finished bunting...ignore the dirty window please!


I hung mine in the craft room and I love it!  I think these would be adorable in a nursery or as shower decorations.


In case you are curious what I did to keep Aria entertained while we crafted...lots and lots of pom poms!


This was also an idea from Pinterest.  I have been saving toilet paper and paper towel tubes.  I taped them to the wall and then showed Aria how to drop the pom poms through them.  She also enjoyed moving them back and forth between different containers.