Want to come visit?

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Our new house has been put to good use this summer with lots of guests visiting!  We have had my sister and her family a couple of times, my dad and crew for a long weekend, my uncle for one night, our friends the Whitsons for a week, Shawn on a couple of occasions, Gwen and baby Juliet during their MN visit, sleepovers with my mom and niece and last night Joel's sister Kristi & her husband Dave, their 2 month old Clara and Dave's brother spent the night before heading to a cabin up north.  I have absolutely loved having the space to host people.  We have hosted a baby shower, knitting group, game nights, a BBQ and had friends coming over to use the hot tub. I wish I had pictures with everyone that has stayed here the last two months!  Here are a few pictures from people's visits.


Playing at the park with my Marchele, Jasmine and Melody.


I loved how played in the playroom was when Aria's cousins were here!


Hanging out at Lacey's pool with my Uncle Todd.


 Todd was so fun to see you and Aria together!  Come again soon!

I hope that this summer is a good indication of how often we will be sharing our home with family and friends!