my little queen frostine

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Recently we went to a Candyland themed birthday party for one of Aria's friends.  The invitations said that you could dress up as your favorite character from the game and the best costume would win a prize.  I never miss an opportunity to dress up so I put together these little costumes based on the original Princess Lollipop and Queen Frostine.  No one else ended up dressing up so we won a copy of the board game.  I loved playing the game growing up so I am excited to have a copy of it for our playroom and look forward to playing it with Aria some day!


The party consisted of playing a series of games based on the CandyLand story line.  The game ended by jumping in the candy castle.  It was Aria's first time in a bouncy castle...she liked it for awhile but then she cried so we left!


She was partied out by the end and fell asleep on the drive home with her little crown on.  I couldn't resist taking a picture :-)