children's museum

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Last Friday Aria and I went to the MN Children's Museum with our friends that had been staying with us.  It was her first time there.  She had a blast!


Aria had do idea how to spray the water onto the sheet but she sure had fun playing with the big kids.  She participated by touching the bottle to the sheet.


I thought she looked pretty stinking cute in that little artist smock!


 Aria loved splashing in this little stream and painting with the water.  I think she would have played there for hours.


Tirzah and Alayna spent a lot of time playing in this cool sandbox.


Aria and Elliott loved this room full of buttons!  They could change the color of the light based on which button they pushed.


These pictures are fuzzy but I thought it was so cute to see her so excited.  While she played she either had her mouth open or her tongue sticking out.


I couldn't resist dressing her up like a little fox!

 I loved seeing her play and explore in such a kid safe environment.  I think I had as much fun as she did and I can hardly wait to go again!