more sleepovers with friends

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Our good friends the Whitsons are staying with us this week while their kitchen is being remodeled.  Aria loves having friends to play with all day!


Aria and Elliott love playing together and following each other around.  It has been so fun to have them grow up together.


The girls (and Joel) watched Angelina Ballerina before bed.  I thought it was so cute that Aria was sitting there and watching the movie like the big girls.  Tirzah and Alayna requested popcorn so I gave Aria a little bowl of goldfish to snack on too ;-)


Tonight I watched all the kids while Erica went out to dinner and a play with another friend.  The kids and I went and played at the park for almost two hours.  While the kids played I couldn't help but think of all the magical time I spent playing at parks growing up.  It is such a different experience going to the park as a grown up.  I am sure it is partly my anxiety but I feel like I am on high alert the entire time trying to keep kids safe.  Their safety is important but I also need to remember to just let kids play and get dirty!  Dirt can all get washed off afterwards but the memories will remain forever.  It was a tight fit but all four kids played in the bath when we got home!


The babies had a hard time walking in the sand and kept falling so I held their hands to help them.  After awhile they got the hang of it.  Then Aria fell again.  She stood up and then this happened...I pretty much died when they started holding hands and walking in the sand!

Hopefully someday this picture will be in their wedding slideshow :-)