playtime at 14 months

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I love this picture of Aria, not just because the book is upside down but because I love seeing her play with books.  She carries them around and sits down to "read" them all over the house.  My favorite is when she brings them to me and crawls up on my lap so I will read them to her.  It is the sweetest thing!


She turns everything into phones these days.  Her favorite is the remotes.  She paced and made a lot of important phone calls this morning!


She loves these blocks that I got for her at a garage sale.  It is fun to see her stacking them.  Last night was the first time she legitimately helped me clean up her toys before bed time.  I try to involve her in the clean up but she usually puts one toy away only to get distracted and take two more out.


Aria has her own ideas about what babies should be kept in the new crib :)


Sometimes playtime consists of us going for a bike ride.  Hopefully it will cool down so we can do this more often!


I love it when Aria stops whatever we were playing so she can crawl up on my back for a little ride!

I know I say this all the time but I love that my days consist of playing with Aria! She is the sweetest thing.  Let me know if you want to have a playdate with us...we are pretty fun!