a quick little project

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Joel stopped at a garage sale for me on our way home from church.  I spotted this little crib in the free section and thought it had potential to be a nice addition to our play room.


Aria fell asleep on the drive home so after I transferred her into her crib I got to work.  It was a quick little project.  I cleaned it, spray painted it white and sewed a cover for the mattress.  It was a perfect project because it was fast, let me be a little creative and it was free because I had all of the supplies!


I am excited for kids to play with it now!


And yes, I am a little nerdy because after considering all of my fabric options for the mattress I chose a color that would match Aria's crib.  Eventually I plan to make a matching little quilt too.  I was going to do it today but I figured I should get some of the things done on my actual to do list instead!