hard to believe

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All of a sudden my little baby is no where to be found and now in her place I have this (still) sweet as can be little big girl who walks everywhere, plays hard at the park, has opinions, wears pigtails, brushes her teeth and wants to eat my ice cream.  What happened to that little girl that just laid on her blanket and looked around.  Remember how exciting it was when she started rolling!?!  Now she is emptying kitchen cabinets and climbing on tables the second I look away.  It is hard to believe.  Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore this stage... I just can't believe how quickly she is changing!  Babies definitely don't keep.  It just makes me that much more thankful that I have been able to be with her everyday!  She just woke up.  I love "rescuing" her from her crib.  She is always so happy to see me!